HR 4.0

HR 4.0... is HR ready?

July 15, 2021 - 2 minutes reading time
Article by Marcel De Dood

The fourth industrial revolution is also known as 'Industries 4.0'. The internet brings the world closer. Combined with the speed of computer systems, the internet allows organizations to collaborate better and faster than ever. Companies that do not go along with industries 4.0 quickly put themselves at a disadvantage. For HR, this fourth industrial wave means, among other things, that employees must learn other skills and that more attention must be paid to the organizational culture.

Other skills employees

However intelligent and fast the systems are, people are central. The routine work will be taken over by robots, but the need for human input remains. However, the demand for the skills of employees is changing. Because education is not sufficiently in line with market demand, the War for Talent will become more intense. This requires HR to cooperate with external parties in the field of recruitment, training and support of employees.

Freedom, variety and autonomy

In addition to paying attention to the soft skills of human capital, the HR manager 4.0 also pays explicit attention to the organizational culture. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is important in agile organizations. Coaching and nudging are the new resources for HR, but emotional intelligence also receives the necessary attention in the recruitment process.

As an HR manager, the search for new employees is an important theme, but even more important is retaining the right employees. It is important to bind and captivate high potentials. Salary is important in the remuneration structure, but is mainly a short-term motivator. Rather, seek it in freedom, variety of work and autonomy.

Some other changes that characterize HR 4.0

  • Hierarchy becomes subordinate: management is no longer the primary point of contact for HRM
  • Employees become less dependent on their manager and form self-managing teams
  • Increasing attention is being paid to job rotation, coaching and nudging when it comes to reducing absenteeism

Where should HR start?

It is clear: the fourth industrial wave means a lot for HR departments. How does the HR manager deal with it? Where to start? What other changes will HR 4.0 bring?


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