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Transform your IT with Microsoft 365

June 13, 2024 - 2 minutes reading time
Article by René Vlieger

Standardization and automation are the foundation for the future optimization of Microsoft 365. By standardizing processes and automating repetitive tasks, organizations can not only save valuable time and resources, but also significantly improve overall efficiency. Tools such as Power Automate and PowerShell open doors to automating workflows and management tasks. The problem, however, is that few people have the knowledge and expertise to take full advantage of these technologies.

It is therefore valuable to invest in solutions, such as Simeon Cloud or Ydentic. These tools allow you to set up a standardized Microsoft 365 baseline and use it to configure other Microsoft 365 environments consistently and in sync. This provides simplified management and keeps your Microsoft 365 environment under control. This makes the time of manually configuring Microsoft 365 environments a thing of the past. Manual work often leads to minor errors and costs unnecessary time. By embracing standardization and automation, we are paving the way to a more efficient and error-free future.

More time for strategic tasks

The time saved by standardization and automation allows the IT department to focus on strategically important tasks. Instead of dealing with repetitive management tasks, IT professionals can focus more on functionally guiding the organization. This means they can spend more time supporting employees and shaping effective adoption strategies.

Better adoption and continuous learning

With the time gained, the IT department can also pay more attention to properly shaping adoption within the organization. This means better supporting employees in integrating new technologies and changes into their daily work processes. By effectively managing a continuous flow of change, the adoption of new tools and updates becomes smoother and more successful.

IT as an enabling force

The shift from a guiding to a facilitating role for the IT department is essential for modern organizations. Standardization and automation allow the IT department to act more as a supporting and facilitating force, rather than a controlling one. This makes it possible to foster a culture of innovation and efficiency in which the IT department acts as a partner rather than a guardian.

Thus, standardization and automation are not only key to efficiency within Microsoft 365 optimization, but also provide an opportunity for the IT department to transform itself. By minimizing repetitive tasks and spending more time on strategically important activities, IT professionals can have a greater impact on the organization as a whole. This leads to better adoption of technologies, a more supportive IT role, and ultimately a more efficient and successful organization.

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