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Data science: get over your threshold fears

July 16, 2021 - 2 minutes reading time
Article by Newsroom Insights

It is sometimes referred to as one of the pillars of the 'Fifth Industrial Revolution': data science. With data you can not only improve processes, but also make predictions. And it is precisely the latter that is taking off. Centric asked organizations in various sectors for their opinion and wrote a trend report about it: what are the biggest opportunities and obstacles on the road to business success with data science?

Transport and logistics, financial services, government: many industries see value in applying data science. Wherever the priorities lie – in process optimization, inventory management or forecasting market sentiments – data science is a promising field of research that can be of great added value. The biggest barrier to using it: the alleged 'complexity' that comes with it.

Especially the collection of data and its quality, but also the lack of the knowledge needed to work on the basis of data, give organizations headaches. And that's a shame. In order not to be overtaken left and right in the future, it is very worthwhile to orientate yourself now on the opportunities that data science offers for your industry.

That is also one of the reasons why organizations turn to consultancy firms and IT suppliers. These can help to clearly identify the 'problem' that you want to tackle with data science. They also ensure that the right data comes to the surface that is necessary to make analyzes and predictions. Its preparation naturally requires a well-considered and planned approach. Centric's data science experts have a lot of experience with this and are happy to help.

Receive trend report?

For the data science trend report, we asked parties in various markets for their reasons for using data science: what applications do they see? Where is the profit? But also: which challenges can be overcome before you can successfully get started with data science?

The trend report will be online soon. Cross the threshold and leave your details in advance, then you will receive a message from us when the report is ready for you.

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